Modern Slavery

This statement is made in reference to the Modern Slavery Act, 2015.
At Gymflux, we believe that we have an ethical duty and responsibility to carry out all business affairs to the highest standard achievable for our business at its current position. The expectation held against our partners, suppliers and associates is to demonstrate that their full workforce is satisfied and working conditions are second to none. In fact, before Gymflux even started their manufacturing process, our co-founder put feet to the ground and personally went overseas to review all key suppliers first hand, ensuring the ethical standards were being met – this includes no forced labour, modern slavery, combat risk or human trafficking.

About us and Supply Chain
Gymflux is a UK based sportswear brand, with our head office based in London and all products designed individually in the UK.
We have been operating since July 2019 and officially went live with product sales from March 2020. We are devoted to becoming the UK’s leading premium sportwear brand that gives back the most.
Our co-founders and board of directors are committed to ensuring that we operate at the highest standard possible, both ethically and operationally, upholding diligence and vigilance across all aspects of the business.
Our Social Impact and Sustainability Committee is set to be built in Q2 2020, which will be led by our co-founder and CFOO who is extremely passionate in ensuring that we operate beyond any other business in our category, both now and always!

All our suppliers are accredited and reviewed, and we have also taken the liberty to audit suppliers first- hand at their place of business. Moreover, all suppliers manufacture and fabricate our apparel overseas, whilst all other business operations and infrastructure is operated inside of the UK. Our CEO and Gymflux leadership team holds a no negotiable zero tolerance policy when it comes to modern slavery and unsettling business ethics and practice!

Suppliers’ Information

All potential suppliers are subjected to audits prior to solidifying any working relationships. This involves intensive reviews of the supplier’s operations, first-hand visits to their place of operation and/or clear photographic evidence.
Equality and Impact are both part of our business values model and therefore the expectation is the same with any person or business that we work with, ensuring the following key work provisions standards are met and measured:
- Health, safety and environment
- Prohibition of forced labour, suitable working hours and employee direct pay
- Equality of the workforce and measured employee satisfaction

Any business can simply build a policy and procedures document describing what ‘good’ looks like, however, we have implemented this and have put the right measures in place. At Gymflux, we are all about impact and deliverables, hence we are committed to ensuring that our buyers and product and logistics team are diligent, competent and compliant with the same business ethics that we hold as a business, so much so that our co-founder has committed to interview every employee who leads any of the teams that engage or work with our supply chain!

In conclusion, we aim to constantly hold a high standard in business ethics, commit to always thinking and working on how to be better our business and ensuring that our teams and suppliers work in line with the values of our business.

Roberto Abbate | Chief Finance and Operations Officer
Gymflux Limited
1st November 2019