Established: January 2019

Located: London United Kingdom

Our aim to become the UKs leading, premium sportswear brand – that gives back the most! We have created a product that brings premius sportswear and a fashionable design together. From the sizing, styles and combinations, all have been designed in-house and are unique to us. Without a doubt other leading brands will look to duplicate. However there will only ever be one Gymflux!

Our slogan: Ready For Change

Our drive to implement real change across the industry and large corporate brand industry is second to none.

Feel Good: Making people feel good through our products, styles, fits and reputation.

Giving Back: Already we have committed to donate 10% of our Rhino Range profits to WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature)

Committing to plastic free packaging for all of our clothing products.

Hold a yearly Gymflux Giving back campaigns.

People: Our audience will never be looked upon as data or numbers, we commit to staying true to our customers, treating individuals as humans who are touched by our brand and hope to add value to in one way or another.

We are a London based brand, that has been built for the ground up by two co-founders and our drives and commitments are based around people and the world we live in. We use our business as a platform to drive change and uplift communities and individuals. We will challenge the norm, embrace the changes and thrive for a better purpose of being.

We are a brand that delivers in-house The foundation and principles of our business will not be converted or re-aligned from our standing commitments, but only bettered and uplifted. Our supply and industry partnerships will of course be strategic but more importantly in-line with our brand goals and commitments, our senior leadership will commit to ensuring our path stays true and clear as a business and to our people. We embrace feedback and changes, although not everyone's opinions can be aligned, we are happy to hear yours – Contact: Feedback@gymflux.co.uk

Take on the right people and partnerships along our brand journey.

Encourage new initiatives and take risk outside of the normal standards.

We will have an agile approach where it is required, being able to adapt and change to better deliver our commitments.

1. Create feel-good sportswear.

2. Ensure ‘Give Back’ campaigns are a major part of our business strategy.

3. Create a seamless shopping experiences and embrace change through our brand and leadership.

Social Impact & Sustainability

As the world changes and develops, not everything is moving in the right direction. As leaders and as a brand we recognize the need to push harder on fighting issues that need resolving and giving back where we can.

As a brand we know that our key focuses and vision will be appreciated and connected to our consumer. The expectation should be a normality and we believe we can be part of the solution.

Straight off the bat we have committed to donating suitable funds through https://workforgood.co.uk/ to Charitable causes (such as WWF) who help impact the world to be a better place to survive and live in.


Promote using the right products to protect our world lands and seas. Putting our environment before cost of production - especially when it comes to known issues with clear solutions. The need to understand our business carbon footprint and work year on year to improve and reduce this is fundamental to us, along with still ensuring operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Give back campaigns

As part of our overall business strategy our Giving back campaigns sit hand in hand besides all business pillars when it comes to importance. As a brand we aim to have the ability to touch millions of individuals where by we can share the opportunity to be part of a community that supports in bettering the world, we live in.

Social inclusion

Keeping people at the core and foundation of our business is a must. It's easy for corporate brands to look at their consumer as data and audience – this will never be the Gymflux approach. People matter, we are what make our world great and have the power to make each day better. There is also a stereotypical view on ‘what good looks like’ in the sports and fitness industry, Gymflux are here to help redefine that!

Business Ethics

Conduct fair business, in a responsible and ethical manner. Promoting human rights and the correct labor laws standards. Ensuring all our partners are conducting business in line with expected ethical standard we hold as a business. We have a responsibility to remain diligent and challenge anything that should not be!

1. Plastic free packaging.

2. Donations to charitable organizations and leading yearly charity event fundraisers.

3. Firm due diligence on suppliers and supply partners.

4. Consistent forward planning and innovation on how to become a more sustainable brand

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