About Gymflux

About GYMFLUX, Sportswear that's Better than Gym Wear


Yes, GYMFLUX, not Gymshark, Gymking, Nike or Adidas. Don’t confuse us with Gymflex either - that's just silly!

We aim to be the UK’s leading sportswear brand by 2022, providing perfect gym clothes for men and for women along with bringing real style into sportswear.

Gymflux was established in 2019, currently operating in the UK. As co-founders, both Roberto Abbate and Sam Salamipour have a passion to create impact and give back to the world and communities in need, using Gymflux as a foundation and steppingstone to do so.

Both Roberto and Sam being fashion, fitness and sportswear enthusiasts, Gymflux is the perfect place to start by creating a global brand that empowers others to look good, feel good, and embrace a change where change is overdue!

The brand name Gymflux resonated from a conversation around the passion for training, health and well being.

‘Gym’ being one of the most popular and globally used words when talking about health and well being.

‘Flux’ being the action of flowing, continuously going. Gymflux is here to remind you that your health and well being is a priority and in a time like today where COVID-19 has impacted the world, we realise this now more so than ever. 

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We are ultimately here to drive change with our slogan ‘Ready for Change’, and this keeps us attached to our daily purpose. Driving change in line with our customers wants and needs, along with change based on obtaining real social and ethical impact.

We have had enough of seeing medium and large brands cutting corners and repeating the industry norms. What are two of the largest issues with sportswear brands? We will tell you…
- The lack of unique styles and fitting for customer comfort
- The use of single use plastic in all packaging

The lead UK sportswear brand alone sold over 11 million units in 2019 as an online store and to us, this plastic pollution is not acceptable!

Therefore, we will start straight off the bat with driving change through our non-plastic packaging that is 100% biodegradable!!

We are also here to bring fresh new style and design into the sportswear industry, with every aspect of our products design, feel and finish made to our personal standards.

We all have those gym clothes that we can only get away with wearing in the gym, not with Gymflux! Be confident to wear our brand 24/7 - made for durability and comfort. 

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